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This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten….

01/05/2015 10:09:00 – by Mark Plant

Hang on though. The sky hasn’t fallen, the lights are still on, the world is still turning. Did googlemageddon really just happen? I assure you it did, although for me all Google algorithm changes are now reminiscent of the Y2K bug that was going to spark off WW3 and bring satellites out of orbit. So what exactly was it apart from a good excuse for the world’s press to sell us all another story of apocalyptic woe?

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Silk Performer: How to record a Flex/AMF3 app

28/04/2015 16:20:49 – by David Koessl

What is Silk Performer?
Silk Performer is an enterprise-class performance testing solution which enables you to create powerful, realistic load and stress tests for users across a range of application environments, including the latest web and mobile technologies. Finding problems early in the release cycle enables you to correct issues before they reach your end-users, reducing project cycle time and development costs.

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Automation: Let’s play fantasy CIO!

27/04/2015 16:46:57 – by Jonny Crawford

Jonny Crawford, Inside Sales Manager for Borland software, imagines the benefits of automation in a real-world situation.

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Change Management: what Spartan means to us

14/04/2015 14:14:47 – by Steve Moore

In the first of two blogs, we asked our Product Development team and a Senior Product Marketing Manager to give us their perspectives on the challenges that many of our customers will be facing with the announcement that Internet Explorer is being sundowned.

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Silk Test: Keyword-driven testing

25/03/2015 17:18:17 – by John Lyttle

Keyword driven testing is a methodology used to separate the test design, test development and test execution stages into manageable components. It contrasts the traditional automated testing approach of implementing coded test scripts as standalone test executions, or as part of a larger automated framework, by extrapolating an additional layer. This enables individual tests to be compartmentalized and referenced by an associated keyword.

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Borland Survey results: The State of Testing Today

06/03/2015 14:23:18 – by Steve Moore

Recent visitors to Borland.com were invited to contribute to an online survey. From our perspective, we were keen to get a snapshot of our audience’s development challenges, right through the cycle. We wanted to build a profile of how our community currently works and understand the challenges they face so that we can build or fine-tune the tools they need to overcome them.

For our visitors, this was an opportunity to (a) contribute to that understanding and (b) potentially win a free Pebble Watch.

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The hidden cost of inadequate performance testing

23/02/2015 11:25:34 – by Tom Fisher

If you know nothing else about application performance testing, then know this. It is imperative that you discover that it will not perform as expected in the real world, rather than your customers.

Because for all the impressive features you may have built in to your new product, repairing your brand is going to be beyond it. Reputational damage isn’t a bug to be ironed out.

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