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Silk Portfolio 16.0

New release extends testing to network performance and introduces keyword-driven testing

The Silk Portfolio end-to-end quality solution helps development organizations manage the uncertainties and risk brought about by new technology platforms, multiple devices and network speeds, and the increasing pace of product deliveries, all while ensuring quality throughout the software development life-cycle.

Silk Portfolio 16.0
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Case studies

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Discover how Bundesagentur für Arbeit ensures defect-free applications.


  • 14,000,000 accurate payments each month

  • Distributed testing supports 30-40,000 automated test cases overnight

  • Defect-free, higher quality solutions through test automation

  • Development of a keyword driven testing framework for future IT projects

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Recent blogs

A Plan to Fail?

Emergency Planning is an increasingly important and sophisticated subject area in our world. As global media awareness and our scientific understanding of disasters improves how we learn to cope with increasingly effective levels of response. Whether they are man-made or natural, the response has often been post factum but now increasingly with an eye on how to cope better in the future.

Windows: The power of 10

Windows 10, the new operating system from Microsoft is nearly here. It represents both an opportunity and a challenge for organizations. Borland Product Manager Stefan Untereichner takes a look at the realities for our customers...

DevPartner 11.3 launches to support Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10

After several months of sprinting along with Microsoft's agile cadence for Visual Studio 2015, today DevPartner offers to the market DevPartner Studio 11.3. Devpartner Studio packs a set of tools together for code troubleshooting for the professional developer. The 11.3 release tackles the latest Microsoft development platform Visual Studio 2015 and Operating System Windows 10, while keeping true to its BoundsChecker roots set in native development.

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Recent press releases

Micro Focus Delivers Greater Business Transparency for Agile Software Development with Atlas 2.0

Micro Focus Delivers Greater Business Transparency for Agile Software Development with Atlas 2.0

Borland is now part of Micro Focus

On 20 November 2014, Micro Focus completed its merger with the Attachmate Group of companies and began a period of integration planning which is now complete. The key objective throughout the work has been our continued commitment to deliver the highest levels of service and business value to our customers.

INFOPRO Provides Superior Client Service with Full Test Automation from Borland

INFOPRO, the global banking solutions provider, has upgraded its test automation solution to support the latest version of its flagship eICBA Banking System with Silk Test from Borland, a Micro Focus company (LSE: MCRO.L). The solution, which supports the eICBA system running on a new Java-based platform, has delivered dramatic process and productivity improvements, which could be as high as 90 percent.

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