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Ensure quality across any device and application

With Borland Silk products

The Borland Silk Portfolio of software testing tools addresses every challenge across the testing segment of the software delivery lifecycle. Built for every user in the software development ecosystem, Borland Silk ensures that products get to market faster and deliver higher quality.
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Discover how MAXIMUS tames complex technology and process modernization for critical government data processing challenges.


  • Integrated repositories for requirements, test cases, and code

  • Increased confidence that all requirements are fully covered by tests

  • Reduced rework through test case development and test automation

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Borland events

Borland Connect & Silk Central Connect: Better Software Faster

Date: February 18th 2015
Location: Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden

Are you looking to cut costs and increase developer productivity by up to 80% ? If so, join us at our Borland event where we will be discussing some of the challenges organizations face and how Borland Connect and Silk Central Connect can help.

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