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Software configuration and change management uniquely suited to optimize large scale agile software delivery.
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Why choose AccuRev?

AccuRev is a software configuration management tool which addresses complex parallel and distributed development environments with its stream-based architecture, to accelerate your development process and improve asset reuse.

Streams provide the basic ability for isolation and parallel development like branches, but eliminate the headaches associated with today's branching and merging. Streams understand relationships which enables code to be naturally inherited and as a result, eliminates the overhead of manually merging. Development teams have the ability to visually model and manage their entire software development process using streams.

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Who is Accurev for?

Engineering Executives

AccuRev benefits for Engineering Executives

Respond to change quickly with clear visibility into your development process. All changes and decisions are based on fact-driven analysis. AccuRev supports the most stringent of regulations and compliances like Sarbanes-Oxley, so you know exactly what was delivered, when it was delivered, and why it was delivered. AccuRev enables you to rebuild ANY release quickly, whenever you need to.

Engineering Managers

Benefits of AccuRev for Engineering Managers

Improve your development team's productivity. AccuRev's stream-based technology minimizes much of the need for manual merging, which gives developers more time to code and to ensure they are working against the latest configuration. Introduce process through gated stages to control and automate change easily and cost effectively.

Software Engineers

Benefits of AccuRev for Software Engineers

Isolate your changes from your peers without creating additional layers of overhead. All your changes are committed to the database but stored in your private sandbox so you won't clobber other people's changes. Easily share your changes with others without merging. AccuRev integrates seamlessly with Jenkins and Crucible for best-in-class continuous integration and code review.

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