Borland & Micro Focus

Originating in 1983, Borland Software Corporation is a Micro Focus company.

Borland's mission is to optimize the software development supply chain. We have been building software delivery tools for 30 years, and have helped thousands of organizations improve and automate their software development capability. Our industry-leading software solutions enable companies to take control of the ever-growing variety and complexity of their applications, systems and partnerships.

Borland's solutions ensure that companies can operate with the highest levels of precision, validation and control. Applications are optimized to be flexible, available and open so that the benefits of their important partnership can be realized, while the associated risks are minimized.

Caliber - agile requirements management

  • Brings alignment across all stakeholders by providing full visibility and review of requirements
  • Enables visualization of requirements in a business context, involving more stakeholders
  • Removes unnecessary rework and miscommunication, ensuring more 'right first time' results

StarTeam – software configuration and change management

  • Manages software artefacts and their changes over time, with visibility across all tools and teams
  • Provides maximum process automation including agile project planning and tracking

Silk products - quality and performance

  • Automates test case prioritization, management and scheduling with extended reporting
  • Tightly integrated with requirements tools, as well as many third-party test automation and continuous integration tools
  • Full functional and performance test execution across all platforms, including cloud and mobile

We partner globally with a broad range of leaders in technology, services and distribution to deliver that vision. Our partnerships enable us to help organizations improve their software, using the processes, tools and platforms of their choice.

About Micro Focus

Micro Focus Int plc (Micro Focus®; LSE: MCRO.L), a member of the FTSE 250, provides innovative software that enables organizations to dramatically improve the business value of their enterprise applications. Micro Focus Enterprise Application Modernization, Testing and Management software enables customers' business applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost and risk.

Micro Focus has more than 30 years of expertise, more than 18,000 customers and over two million licensed users, including 91 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

Year founded: 1976


The Lawn
22-30 Old Bath Road
RG14 1QN
United Kingdom

Contact Numbers

Phone: +44 (0)1635 565200
Fax: +44 (0)1635 33966

Key Facts

Number of offices: 34 in 20 different countries

Number of employees: 1200

Annual revenues *

  • 2010: $432.6 million
  • 2009: $274.7 million
  • 2008: $228.2 million

*Micro Focus operates on a fiscal year calendar from May 1 – April 30.


Micro Focus helps its customers significantly reduce application development and operating costs, increase the flexibility and value of information technology resources, and better manage the risks inherent in both mainframe and open-systems development and deployment. For more information please see products overview.