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Silk Portfolio 16.5

Test web, mobile and windows 10 applications faster

The Silk Portfolio quality solutions helps development organizations quickly understand if applications will perform and function consistently anytime, anywhere, on the customer’s devices and platforms of choice.

Silk Portfolio 16.5
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To provide excellent customer care and prevent downtime, HUK-COBERG turned to Micro Focus® Silk4J and Silk Performer™ for regression, performance, and load testing.


Industry -
Location -
Challenge -
Preventing downtime and providing excellent customer care are essential for HUK-COBERG. This means that functional, regression and performance testing play a key role for the organization.
Solution -
Use Silk4J for automated functional testing and use Silk Performer for load and performance testing.
Results -
+ Provided the ability to detect errors early through 10,000 automated tests daily
+ Provided cost-effective load testing

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Atlas, our Agile requirements and delivery platform, has cool new features and Frank thinks you should hear about them. Needless to say, it reminds him of The Eagles.

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As the reports of Black Friday and Cyber Monday-prompted site crashes tail off, predictions about upcoming technology trends kick in, and early 2016 looks much like late 2015. So will last year’s failures help us meet new challenges? Let’s take a look...

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Application Lifecycle Management Acquisition Boosts Micro Focus's DevOps Capability

Micro Focus Announces Intent to Acquire Serena Software, Inc.

Leading Infrastructure Software Vendor Further Strengthens Solution Set to Help Customers Build and Deploy Business Applications and Services Faster, with Greater Reliability and Less Risk

Micro Focus Atlas 3.0: Increases Confidence in Agile Delivery

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO.L) announced today the general availability of Atlas™ 3.0, its latest business requirements and delivery platform. The adoption of Agile software development for applications is widely used among organizations today, which is demanding a change in quality assurance and testing. With Atlas 3.0, the visibility into quality metrics provides organizations greater confidence that the business needs are aligned with Agile delivery.

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