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Silk Mobile Testing
The Silk Mobile Testing solution accelerates mobile testing, ensures a consistent user experience, and lowers the complexity of testing hundreds of device combinations.


The Silk Mobile Testing Solution leverages the strength and reliability of the Silk Portfolio to deliver a powerful mobile testing platform:

Increase the speed of testing for mobile, web, and rich-client, regardless of the skillset of the testing team.

Ensure mobile and web applications perform as expected on any device or platform.

Ensure applications deliver on customer expectations, anytime, anywhere, and at any scale.

Silk Test Mobile
Build functional test automation that runs reliably across platforms and devices.

Silk Performer
Build performance and load testing automation that can represent your users across the globe on their devices, platforms and network of choice.

Silk Central
Unified platform to design, plan, execute and track all your functional and performance testing practices across devices and platforms.

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Features of the Silk Test Mobile Solution

Increase the Speed of Mobile Testing

Shift-left mobile testing

Developers can continue to use their tool of choice.  The Silk Test Mobile Solution provides IDE integrations to support existing tools and processes without disruption.

Facilitate better collaboration between business and technical testers.  Business and technical stakeholders work seamlessly together, regardless of technical skillset, so everyone can contribute to test creation.

The central management hub coordinates and manages all mobile tests.  Reduce complexity by launching parallel automated test runs across the full range of mobile test configurations, fully embedded into your Continuous Delivery Workflow.

Ensure quality applications that work in all user environments

Ensure a consistent user experience, anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Efficiently build cross platform automation tests. Easily verify the functionality of even the most advanced mobile web, native or hybrid application across a variety of browsers and devices, with a single, portable test script.

Easily document manual or exploratory testing.  Use screen shots, videos, and status reports to track every aspect of test execution on any device.

Quickly root-cause application issues.  Maintain application quality and accelerated delivery through rapid identification and documentation of QA problems across hundreds of mobile configurations

Exceed Customer Expectations

Exceed Customer Expectations

Battle-ready your mobile applications with realistic user scenarios.  Understand the true user experience with performance testing that simulates realistic user scenarios that include a range of devices, network technologies, and much more. 

Analyze and compare mobile performance across the globe.  Measure transaction performance across geographies to ensure a positive user experience in any location.

Easily identify performance problems.  Identify the root cause of application performance problems using powerful, end-to-end diagnostics.

Leverage the cloud for mobile testing at scale.  Harness the power of the cloud for global peak load tests or functional tests across mobile configurations and avoid costly investments in testing infrastructure and related setup.

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Who is Silk Mobile for?

Technical Testers

Technical Testers

Capture automated scripts on mobile emulators and real devices and export them to the IDE of your choice. This enables you to work within a familiar IDE without the need to learn new languages. You can integrate Silk Mobile scripts into your existing automation framework or include them in your organization's Continuous Integration Testing (CIT) approach.

Business Users

Business User

Silk Mobile provides easy to use mobile testing tools for multiple mobile platforms. Business users can quickly and easily record a mobile automation script on a real mobile device or emulator without the need for specific technical scripting knowledge. Use the visual test script for representations of actions performed on a mobile device, with clear visual reporting of all mobile interactions at point of execution.

Test Managers

Test Manager

Export a visual script into an IDE of your choice, to give you centralized control and collaboration of automation assets. Gain visibility of progress and all execution results through integration of Silk Mobile automation scripts into your test management solution.

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Silk Mobile Testing Datasheet

Technical resources

Silk Mobile Testing supports all the major mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Test teams standardize validation activities on a single solution, without needing multiple testing tools for different applications. Because performance tests are run on real devices as well as simulators and emulators, tests replicate the genuine user experience.

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Deakin University

Deakin University
Deakin University

With the introduction of Silk Performer we have reduced the costs of our performance testing environment by 50%. - Vicki Connor, Performance Management Unit Leader, Deakin University Read more »

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Case Studies



Test time improved by 25% with Silk Mobile.

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South East Asia Bank

SeA Bank

Introduced an automated, high quality, testing environment with Silk tools.

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