Downtime Infographic


in a sea of downtime?


Downtime is disastrous

for global business


Is the average cost per minute
for data center downtime1

840 minutes

Is the average downtime
for a business in a year2

$26.5 Billion

$26.5 Billion Revenue lost annually 3

127 million

Man-hours lost per year 3

But that's just the start

of a downward spiral…

Downtime affects small companies most

39% unable to generate revenue compared to
19% for medium-sized and
28% for large companies3


of organisations say over 2 hours
of downtime is unacceptable4


cannot tolerate more than
24 hours of downtime4


do not monitor their website 24/75


admit they do not have
a good disaster recovery plan2


The costly legacy

Companies' reputations wrecked,

marketing promises drown and ROI takes a plunge


said IT outages damage their


describe the impact on their
reputation as 'very damaging'3

Headlines about IT outages

definitely don’t help...

There may even be
legal repercussions

Mmmm...I smell a lawsuit

Don’t let downtime
sink your business...

There is a way

to stay afloat

Borland can help
you safeguard your
website and applications
against downtime

Increase business continuity
with Borland Silk WebMeter
and Silk Performer

Switching to Silk Performer enabled us to reduce our performance tool costs by 50% and increase script reuse to 98%.

Vicki Connor

IT Performance Management Leader, Deakin University

Borland go to great depths

to minimize your downtime