Mobile Testing Infographic

Testing Times
in a mobile world

As surely as the earth
revolves around the sun

...and the moon revolves
around the earth...

So our planet's mobile technology
is evolving at light speed

moon-black sun rocket

Can you handle a giant leap
for mobile technology?

The total number of applications is already astronomical

1.6 million
mobile apps are available
from Apple and Google 1

of all applications
are accessible on
mobile devices2

This is predicted to
increase to 46% of apps
in the time it will take Earth to
orbit the sun twice

1 in 3 earthlings
currently expect
60% of apps to be more
mobile accessible reception wow


Fewer than
1 in 10 businesses

can update mobile apps
within a month of
platform updates

It takes the average
business 5 months

to update apps to support
new iterations of mobile
operating systems

But the major platform
holders update mobile device
systems regularly –
throughout the year

So many organisations’ mobile updates
are out of date before they even launch!

john moon-blue meteor-left meteor meteor fred Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor Meteor rocket-update astro satelitte-2 satelitte-3

While the universe
is expanding…

Here on Earth
the demand for
mobile technology
is rising

of businesses have
a mobile strategy
in place

of mobile
media time is
via apps3

are looking to adopt
a mobile strategy

of organizations
have no plans to
support mobile apps4

realize their
applications need
to become mobile

of all mobile services
are never tested
beyond the device
that they were
implemented on 4

jenny daisy jeremy mobile cloud

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