Avoid software projects going

Off Piste!

Define your requirements clearly and early

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When developing software, be it in-house
or outsourced, correctly defining
requirements is vital

You need to work in a precise, agile and automated way,
whilst clearly communicating requirements to all parties

The cost to fix an
error found after product release
is as much as 100x more costly
as one uncovered during
requirements phase.1
Improved review, elicitation
and approval of requirements
and design could
reduce defects
by 45%2
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Without clear requirements
development is an uphill struggle...

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Agile Software
of project failures are attributed to inaccurate requirements gathering and management3
of organizations
DON'T use dedicated requirements management tools to capture and share project requirements4
cannot see how
the final product
will look visually4
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Almost 50%
manually verify the
relationships of test
cases to requirements5
of testers say most defects occur in development because requirements aren't properly defined5 Swoosh skier trees

Don't leave third
parties out in the cold

48% of testing and development projects are outsourced â€" this is predicted to increase by 15% in 2 years4
81% aren't confident in their ability to clearly document and communicate project requirements to outsourcing vendors4
1 in 7 don't capture and share requirements from a variety of stakeholders4
98% of applications need additional rework in-house following delivery4
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An avalanche of catastrophe

The costs start to snowball, before long it's too late…

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Major UK institution abandons project after spending £127M on development â€" insufficient time for specifying requirements blamed6
President Obama publicly apologizes for persistent problems with his site, caused by failure to properly address requirements.7
Governmental department wastes £303M on a system that has no 'detailed blueprint'8
Leading media corporation writes off £100M following 'Digital Media Initiative' failure â€" Chief Technology Officer suspended pending enquiry7
Insufficient requirements contribute to Payroll System failure at a cost of $30M NZD7

Borland bring collaboration
and control to software delivery

We can help you set requirements with precision, keep control of change, and manage
validation to ensure software meets your business needs without costly mistakes!

Software simulations

Using a visual approach we
can help you to try your software before you build it…

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Acceptance &
system testing
High level design
Low level design
Unit testing
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Borland's approach has helped us improve collaboration and raise the level of customer loyalty. Increased automation also helps speed the product's delivery.
Sven Sauersapf
Head of Diagnostics and Data Management, Gigatronik GmbH
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  Traverse the software development cycle        smoothly with Borland

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