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CTOs must balance the demands of the boardroom with the realities of what can be achieved in the development team to maintain, or achieve, a competitive edge. They know that quick delivery is key but going too soon – before the product is battle-ready – risks damaging their company’s reputation. Research tells us that CTOs are already currently looking at around five months to deliver new versions of mobile apps, and with a predicted 50% increase in the number of mobile business apps over the next three years, they need help.

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chris Chris Livesey // Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Livesey is a Senior Executive at Micro Focus. He talks to CTOs all the time. Borland surveyed more than 600 of them to support anecdote with fact. The results are significant and probably reflect your own experience. Chris has over 20 years of experience in the software industry - as a practitioner and consultant; in sales and business development; and in senior management. He worked for many years as a developer, test manager and project manager working with end-user clients in financial services, telecoms and manufacturing.

“The real game-changer is how technology has changed in the last 20 years.”
“We architect our products to work together. We design them that way. Open source technologies don’t work that way. We invest considerable amounts of money into research and development to ensure integration and automation are always present.” Chris Livesey // Chief Marketing Officer

Software Development:
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If your responsibility includes the board and your customers then you’re right in the middle. Luckily, Borland Solutions deliver on many levels. Borland’s home is the space between whiteboard and paying customer, and delivering the precision that turns good ideas into great products.

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