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Software development is a manufacturing process, challenged by complexity, change and ever-evolving technologies. Developers must ensure that everything works on anything, all the time and manage potentially unrealistic CTO expectations. Better quality software demands greater precision, validation and control but additional pressures are behind unacceptable trade-offs in – among other things – cost, time, quality and scope.

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Mark Mark Conway // Director of Development

Mark Conway is Micro Focus' Director of Development. He’s served his time as a developer, having spent 10 years at the COBOL coalface. His CV includes Revolve, MFE, Eclipse and Visual Studio. Mark is the developers' champion because he understands that beyond the marketing messages there’s a requirement for someone to ensure these products work with what the organization already has...

“We’ve spent the last decade building a great amount of technology. But regardless of what you build you need to understand the requirements. You need to make sure software is delivered to a good level of quality. Requirements… Testing… Delivery.
That’s what we do.”

It worked for them.

AVG Technologies:
Increased the speed and accuracy of their development and testing

Following a period of explosive growth, AVG needed to streamline processes, support increasing development requirements, and deliver higher quality security software from its development team to its quality assurance team. AVG selected Silk Test™ to help it decrease time-to-market, respond to change requests faster, and implement a fully transparent audit trail. The result was increased software quality, full automation of testing processes, and a reduction in the development/QA lifecycle from months to days.

Matching the pace of change.

Social People

Borland solutions have helped deliver success to many customers by keeping pace with process trends, such as the evolvement of Agile methods, the emergence of DevOps and crowdsourced development. They enable organizations to embrace technology trends like social media, mobile/HTML5, Cloud computing and BYOD.

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