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Borland Solutions: Problems, solved.

Technology is an ongoing game-changer. Keeping up with trends such as mobile devices, BYOD, Cloud computing and social media have already forced organisations to raise their game and that situation isn’t going to change. Organizations recognise that reducing time to market delivers financial benefits and improving quality protects reputations. They are being asked to do more with fewer resources. Stay ahead of the game by improving connectivity through the Silk Portfolio.

An organization needs precision in defining what needs to be done, a tight control of change as it occurs, and validation to ensure software works and meets the business needs.

Whatever your development or testing goals, you’ll reach them quicker with Borland. Our products deliver right across the software delivery cycle and they work better together.

Deeper still...

Borland understand
the software delivery cycle

The beauty of Caliber™ is that it delivers real time visibility into the development process. When your design meets business requirements and defects and rework costs disappear. Whatever your process or ecosystem, StarTeam® will use your assets, workflow and tools to resolve customer issues faster to achieve ROI more quickly. Silk Central™ unifies all your testing assets into one easy-to-use tracking, reporting and execution hub, Silk Performer™ will reduce your development costs, Silk Central Connect™ and Silk Test™ cuts cross-browser testing effort by up to 80%. Silk Mobile™ will cut mobile development costs by rapidly validating mobile applications across all devices and platforms.

Better testing makes better products


Borland solutions have been designed to work properly at developer level, and they deliver for CTOs, too. Integrated products that work across the cycle and deliver value creation, precision and control create a perfect, closed loop of software production excellence that will make your organization stronger and more effective.

Your products are only as good as the software that helped to create them.