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A good Test Manager uses skill and judgement to deploy the right testing techniques, determine the requirements and decide what – and how – to test. They put the ‘quality’ in the QA process and can turn a good product into a great success. But there are many boxes to tick: Test Managers often work with disparate, widespread testing teams to plan, organize, authorize and execute functional, performance and load tests, both automated and manual. And what if the product needs to go mobile?

From validation and verification right through to final analytics, the Test Manager delivers the data that underpins successful product development.

Meet Archie he's our test guru.

Archie Archie Roboostoff // Director, Borland Portfolio

Archie is Mr Borland. Overseeing the whole portfolio, Archie is the Borland satnav, writing and delivering the product roadmap of Micro Focus’ Borland products. He knows his stuff, having more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. Archie learned his trade through development, management and engineering positions at EDS, Maxtor, Komag, e1525 and KLA Tencor.

“Being a testing professional has never been more challenging. We're up for it.”
“Customers using the Borland portfolio will find themselves very quickly delivering successful software which, from an internal perspective and for end users, is beneficial for everybody.” Archie Roboostoff // Director, Borland Portfolio

It worked for them.

Telefónica O2:
Improves on its load testing
Telefonica  3 women

Telefónica O2 Business Solutions simulates real-world user demand with Silk Performer™, increasing test user volumes from hundreds to thousands compared to its previous open source tooling. The IT services company offers load and stress testing as a service to customers and now resolves capacity problems before they have an operational impact.

“For our customers, we provide complete services in the implementation of applications in their IT environments, and stress tests are one of the important elements. Silk Performer™ is the leading technology for stress testing, and thanks to a favorable licensing policy was our preferred choice.” Jirí Cervený, Monitoring and Testing Manager // Telefónica O2 Business Solutions

Testing doesn't have to be taxing.


Software is only as good as the testing behind it, so the Test Manager is ultimately responsible for ticking the box marked ‘product success’. But successful testing won’t look the same to everyone. One size won’t fit all. So we developed the Silk Portfolio, a suite of testing tools that work together to create a seamless and complete testing solution that unites requirements with tests and validates against the business need.

Better products, delivered faster. There’s nothing ‘testing’ about that.

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Testing isn’t going to get any easier. The drive to mobile won’t be the last innovation that the Test Manager must work around. So they will need the support of an evolving portfolio of testing tools that will continue to meet technological challenges with increased functionality and deliver business benefits throughout.

Luckily, it’s already here. Want to know more?

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