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Silk Performer CloudBurst

Cloud-based performance testing tool - Test your performance during peak load times

  • Silk Performer CloudBurst ensures applications are 'battle ready' and can withstand massive global usage
  • Get started on the Borland Cloud Portal with an email address, credit card and Silk Performer trial. 200 Credits for free when you register
  • Silk Performer CloudBurst quickly simulates any size peak-loads from multiple geographies & reduces the complexity of performance testing
200 free Borland Credits
Borland Credits
See how easy it is to get started with Silk Performer CloudBurst
Rich reporting and analysis

Rich Reporting and analysis

Quickly detect, isolate and resolve the root cause of performance problems using TrueLog technology, integrated diagnostics and trending reports.

Global readiness

Global Readiness

Compare global results with region reports and local metrics to see geographic differences and network latency.

Quick and easy

Quick and Easy

Start and manage load-test agents in Amazon and MS Azure data centers around the world from the Silk Performer UI. Within a few minutes your load-test infrastructure is up and running to test your Web sites as well as applications behind the firewall with built-in VPN.

Virtual user cost protection - large

Virtual User Cost Protection

See an estimate of how many Borland Credits will be used before any load test is conducted. On completion, the number of Borland Credits used will be debited from the account to help users budget. When your application doesn’t scale to meet the loads you anticipated, Borland virtual user price protection means you only pay for what you have used.


Leading Web 2.0 support

Ensure performance across all major Web 2.0 environments – AJAX, Adobe's Flash/Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight – with the world leader in performance testing, Silk Performer.

Silk Performer Mobile

Mobile testing

Performance test mobile applications for a variety of mobile phones: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more. Simulate mobile network speeds of all mobile phone standards: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+, and LTE.