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Silk Central

Test management tool - The single point of truth for all your testing activities

  • Silk Central unifies all testing assets into one easy-to-use tracking, reporting and execution hub. It improves productivity, traceability and collaboration across Traditional and Agile teams.
  • Silk Central is the driver that ensures testing activities are tied to business needs.
  • Screen scrape information from Test Grid and Test Document view directly to Excel, for more flexibility in extracting data for custom reporting.
Silk Central 15.5
The Importance of Test Management - in a heterogeneous environment
Application testing maturity with the TMMi assessment
Open test management

Open test management

Silk Central provides a unified framework for the integration of requirements, test automation tools (unit, functional and performance), issue tracking, and full manual test activities. It delivers consolidated management and visibility of test activities throughout the software’s development.

Flexible Dashboard reporting

Flexible dashboard reporting

Customize your home dashboard to show test activities relevant to you and your teams. Gain transparency across your organization and foster live collaboration for cross project activities. Configure your dashboard to show information you choose from out-of-the-box reports to custom reports – from manual to automated tests, from requirements through to issues.

Side-by-side results analysis for automation

Side-by-side results analysis for automation

Gain quick insight into the status of automated test runs with side-by-side result analysis. Select automated test runs to compare and gain visual reports showing the status across each execution. Gain detailed insight and TrueLog information which highlights screens, errors and key analytical information.

Multi Requirements Thumb

Multi requirement integrations

Integrate your requirements from multiple sources into one Silk Central project, to ensure collaboration and control over the quality of your application. Your testing can now cover your application from end-to-end, with real-time visibility of metrics and analytics.


TestBook – real time feedback

Do you want collaborative and real-time feedback on manual tests? Posting key information and comments to TestBook keeps every member of a project team in the loop throughout testing.

Offline manual testing

Advanced manual execution planning

Define what, when, where and who to test throughout your test cycle, for efficient usage of resource and targeted fulfilment of your quality goals.

Test Cycle Result Summary Thumb

Efficient reallocation of manual test workload

Manage your testing effectively with clear insight into test progress at an individual tester level. Find out if individual testers are progressing and see when they are unavailable, with the ability to quickly reallocate their tests to another tester. This maintains the status of the test as it transitions.


Configuration testing

Ensure that tests can be executed against multiple configurations without the need for duplication. Configuration testing enables clear reuse of scripts, and management of tests and reports.

Highlight risk mitigation and quality goals

Highlight risk mitigation and quality goals

Silk Central helps prioritize, execute and demonstrate how test efforts respond to initiatives such as risk-based testing. It has a flexible mechanism for defining quality goals determined by the business, using your terminology.

Requirements Detail

Requirement visualizations

Visualizations within Silk Central engage business users in a collaborative way, for quick and easy requirements validation. Silk Central integrates with Caliber to combine simulations and visualizations of requirements with test planning.