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Silk Mobile

Mobile testing tool - Getting your apps to market with confidence

  • Streamline your test environment: multiple scripts, one machine
  • Delivers the insight needed to create a great mobile performance
  • Supports the latest mobile OS including iOS7, WP8, Android and BlackBerry
  • Gesture Support imitates the user experience, including drag and drop, zoom and scrolling
“Silk Mobile reduced our testing effort by 25%”
Silk Mobile as part of the CI process
What are the five mobile testings 'need to knows?'
Support for WP8 and iOS 7

Support for WP8 and iOS 7

As the leader in mobile test automation, Silk Mobile supports WP8 and iOS 7, as well as broad support for platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and HTML5.

Parallel execution

Parallel Execution

Every script, multiple devices – one test machine. Use Silk Mobile Executor Licenses for greater flexibility and control through advanced scripting. Connect multiple devices via USB to your test machine and execute mobile scripts in parallel.

Total Performance Testing

Total Performance Monitoring

Want total performance insight of your mobile device? Get the full picture with Silk Mobile. Capture memory and CPU usage information across your Android and iOS devices. Output the info as part of your reports.

CI Process

Integrate mobile testing in your CI process

Validate the quality of your nightly builds and software delivery by including mobile testing as part of your CI Process. Support for leading CI Servers.

Tooling tailored to how your team works

Tooling tailored to how your team works

Silk Mobile’s visual capabilities makes it easy to use. Record tests directly from the device where they are created visually in reports, which storyboard the test execution right through to the advanced scripting in an IDE of choice. Silk Mobile is suited to each team’s way of working and is easy for them to adopt - from the business analyst, to the developer.

Silk Mobile tablet testing

The way your users use it - gestures support

Interact with your mobile device just like your end users will do: Silk Mobile supports multi-touch, swipe, drag & drop, zoom, and scrolling.