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Silk Test

Automated testing - Achieve fast, reliable functional and regression testing

  • Silk Test is a test automation solution for development, quality and business teams who need to deliver software faster.
  • With Silk Test you can create and execute tests across multiple platforms and devices to ensure that your applications work exactly as intended.
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Silk Test: Mobile browser testing on Android
Cross Browser Testing

Cross browser web testing

Tired of asking for hardware? Need to test your web and mobile web applications on a wide variety of configurations? With Silk Central Connect, you can set up a virtual testing environment without the cost of physical builds, using the Silk Test scripts you’re familiar with.

Mobile Browser Support

Mobile browser support

Extend Silk Test’s cross browser testing to mobile devices and leverage existing scripts to gain confidence in your mobile web applications. By using existing or new Silk Test scripts, mobile web testing is faster and easier than ever.

Role based test automation

Role based test automation

Are you a business analyst, domain expert, QA team member, automation engineer or a developer? Whatever your role, Silk Test provides an interface to suit you – whether it’s visual, script based or IDE powered. Empower all users to participate in testing and ensure the continuous validation of their critical applications.

Cross Platform

.Net and Java platform & scripting language support

Whether you prefer industry standard languages like VB.NET, C# and Java, or Silk Test’s own 4Test, you can leverage the power of Silk Test in the development environment of your choice. Silk Test supports Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs and can easily be integrated with unit testing and acceptance testing tools.

Configuration Testing

Cross browser testing in the Cloud

Verify the functionality of even the most advanced web applications and go live with confidence. Test across an ever-growing range of browsers with just one script. Combine Silk Test with Silk Central Connect to harness the power of the Cloud for faster cross browser testing.

SAP Certified

SAP Certified

Don’t let SAP changes and upgrades grind business to a halt. Silk Test is certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver to deliver top quality SAP deployments and a lower overall Total Cost of Ownership. Certified functions include integration of Silk Test into eCATT and SAP GUI for Windows.

Object Maps

Object Maps

Take advantage of a single central object map that can be accessed from Silk4J and Silk4Net. An object map enhances team collaboration on updates and reduces script maintenance while eliminating the chance of errors from mapping updates.

Image Recognition

Image recognition

Verify that the right image displays in your application’s UI with Silk Test’s powerful image recognition tool. Identify the difference between the actual and expected image results, and edit to ensure your image exists within your applications the way you want it to.