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Connect Your People for Successful Software Delivery

Borland’s mission is to build a portfolio of quality products that offer a truly ‘better together’ experience. An experience that improves integration, increases functionality, and adds business benefits above and beyond those offered by competitive solutions. Discover the market reasons that drive Borland’s thinking, the challenges we help solve, and how we support successful software delivery.

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Bringing Collaboration and Control to Software Delivery

Value Creation

In software development life cycle (SDLC) terms, the value creation stage of software supply is where requirements, design and definition, and ongoing improvement take place. Articulating concepts with clarity, and with the support of detailed requirements, is fundamental at this stage. In business terms, it’s where we create the value and competitive intellectual property that is core to the organization.


The second stage, execution, is about how the work is done. It’s where the majority of cost and complexity is in creating software; and where most issues, rework and waste take place. To avoid this, the business needs precision in defining what needs to be done, tight control of change as it occurs, and validation to ensure software works and meets the business needs. Borland technologies are focused on improving precision, validation and control to ensure successful software delivery.