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Why performance testing

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Organizations depend on software applications. They are the engine that drives their business. Applications enable customers, partners and employees to perform many diverse and business-critical transactions. So these systems must perform as expected and be accessible when needed.

The challenges of ‘real-world’ business testing

These applications are under massive stress from increasing volumes of customers accessing your systems from around the world, using different browsers and devices. Your site must perform for all devices, platforms and connection speeds and cope with major usage spikes. These can be seasonal – ie for retailers and travel agents in the holiday season – or reactive, in response to a major promotion or a critical weather event.

It is not just user volumes that can lead to higher demand on your applications – increased application complexity is another significant issue. Web 2.0 applications, designed to be more responsive to users, can be highly resource-intensive, compounding the effects of increased demand.

Ineffectively-tested applications can often fail when put under this type of stress. Applications subject to inadequate performance testing can behave unexpectedly when subject to sudden spikes or sustained usage volumes. Systems crash or become either too slow to use, or completely inaccessible. Frustrated users can mean lost business. Every moment the application is inaccessible can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. In these cases, the value of performance testing becomes obvious, a little too late.

Performance testing, implemented properly throughout the development cycle, significantly reduces the number of application failures. The number of failures will vary according to application complexity, developer skill, and application usage, but a tool preventing even a handful of failures can pay for itself several times over. This is especially true of mission-critical or customer facing applications used to generate revenue or engage external audiences.


Your applications must perform as expected. A powerful performance testing tool can mitigate the costs and complexity of managing these tests rise.

Silk Performer is the complete performance testing solution. Use it to create powerful, realistic load tests for thousands of users running business scenarios across a broad range of enterprise application environments including the latest Web 2.0 and mobile technologies. Its integrated diagnostics capabilities enable swift identification and resolution of performance and scalability bottlenecks. Cloud integration quickly simulates massive loads without investment in performance testing hardware and setup.

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Many customers depend on Silk Performer to ensure their applications perform to the level the business needs. Take a look at our customer case studies to learn what benefits they have derived and how they use our products.

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Performance testing white papers:

Load testing: The key to keeping business applications running

Performance testing is vital to address challenges such as:

  • Achieving optimal performance by proper load testing
  • Implementation strategies and the benefits that performance testing returns
  • Identifying proper strategies for realizing the full benefits of performance testing
  • Diagnosing application issues and using the power of the Cloud.

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Testing for peak performance

End-to-end load tests must ensure that applications are 'battle ready' and can withstand massive, global use. Silk Performer CloudBurst quickly simulates any size peak-loads from multiple geographies without having to invest in performance testing hardware and setup. Discover the best practices for cloud-based peak performance testing.

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Silk Performer™

Application performance Testing

Silk Performer is an efficient, cost-effective way to ensure your mission-critical applications meet performance expectations and service-level requirements. Its cloud integration means you can quickly simulate massive loads without requiring investment in load testing hardware setup.

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high performing applications.


Simulate peak loads

Successful end-to-end load tests will ensure that applications can withstand massive, global usage. Silk Performer CloudBurst quickly simulates any size peak loads from multiple geographies without additional investment in load-testing hardware and setup.

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