Borland solutions for mobile

Automated functional testing of mobile devices

The Borland Silk suite for mobile is designed to provide an easy to use, comprehensive approach to functional testing of real mobile devices.  With strong native, image, and text based recognition, Silk Mobile ensures that you can build robust, repeatable, and maintainable test suites. Silk Mobile is:

  • Real - execute tests directly on mobile devices
  • Easy – create tests in minutes by just connecting your mobile device via USB to your computer
  • Open – create tests and export them to C#, Java, Python, Perl
  • Broad –supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile,  Symbian, and HTML5

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Mobile performance testing

Silk Performer™ fully supports performance testing for mobile Web applications and native apps, with profiles for all popular mobile devices and application types.

On premise and in the cloud, the mobile performance capabilities of Silk Performer starts delivering value on the very first day it is put to use. Borland Silk Performer gives you confidence in your applications by creating real-world scenarios, based on real-world usage from multiple devices.

  • Easy to design visual flow through mobile applications
  • On premise and cloud based agents
  • Mobile simulation support for multiple devices/platforms
  • Visual results for quick diagnoses of performance bottlenecks

Read more on how to performance test mobile applications on Silk Performer.

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