Silk for use with SAP

Silk Central™

Create a business driven testing process for SAP

Silk Central is by far the easiest and least intrusive test management tool to make testing your SAP implementation as agile as your business. With the ability to automatically create test cases from Solution Manager Blueprints and continually keep them synchronized, Silk Central provides a completely traceable SAP testing process, accelerating SAP implementation team’s ability to ensure the business quality of SAP systems. With advanced Solution Manager integration, Silk Central allows SAP business analysts and IT managers insight and dashboard visibility into SAP quality, directly from within the Solution Manager. There is no need to learn new tools or processes. With Silk Central you will:

  • Eliminate risk for all types of SAP change

  • Gain actionable insight on the status of SAP quality

  • Accelerate projects and drive down the costs of rolling out updates

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Silk Performer™

Deliver SAP peak performance

Silk Performer is designed to make SAP perform at the levels needed for your growing business. Ensuring that tight project performance milestones are met, Silk Performer allows you to quickly identify and resolve performance issues. Using Silk Performer, you are protected against under-delivering on performance expectations and from over-spending on a bloated infrastructure. On premise and in the cloud, the Silk Performer suite for SAP starts delivering value the very first day it is put to use. Silk Performer is also SAP Certified to ensure your SAP systems perform flawlessly. With Silk Performer you can:

  • Deliver sustained marketing and sales campaigns without infrastructure risk

  • Eliminate outages that cost your business millions in lost transactions

  • Enter new markets with systems that can handle your business volumes

  • Understand what mobile initiatives will do to your SAP systems

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Silk Test™

Accelerate SAP testing

Silk Test for SAP is designed to remove the bottlenecks of maintaining high quality SAP business processes. With over 80% of SAP budget over-runs attributed to quality issues, Silk Test for SAP will slash that number to a fraction of where it is today. Combining deep SAP integration with an easy to use point and click interface, Silk Test for SAP is the only automated test solution for SAP that combines the best of both of worlds. Test cases can be created visually, in a way that business analysts, managers and implementation experts can all understand, accelerating both the test automation process and the resolution of SAP quality issues. Whatever your quality skill set is around SAP, you will find immediate value from the usage of Silk Test for SAP. With Silk Test you can:

  • Eliminate costly delays when rolling out updates to or new versions of SAP

  • Be up and running instantly with a true point and click interface

  • Supports all SAP user interfaces including SAP GUI and SAP Portal

  • Keep all stakeholders productive by giving them an intuitive easy to use solution

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